Along with water, there’s a woman on the moon

Lunar south poleLunar south pole

The media is all abuzz over NASA’s discovery of ice-water on the moon. This is great news, because it means the moon can potentially sustain more life than was earlier thought.
However, upon further ispection of NASA’s data, I have come to learn that there’s a woman on the moon (in addition to the man in the moon)
Have a look:

woman's face in moon

woman's face in moon

That ghostly image looks to me like a silhouette reflecting off of a pane of glass – as though this woman was standing in the room from which this photo was taken, with the moon right out the window.
The original image is:
Lunar south pole

Lunar south pole

Just to be clear, I don’t think this actually is a reflection or the image of a real person. Just a very convincing case of pareidolia. What do you think? Is the finding of water staged, just like the moon landing?

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