As anyone who’s interested in a free culture knows, copyright law has been getting more and more restrictive over the past 100 years or so. When an author published a book one hundred years ago, she enjoyed the exclusive right to reproduce her work and distribute it for a maximum of 42 years. Less, if she did not jump through all the red-tape hoops of renewing copyright after the initial 14 years, and again after 28. The copyright acts of 1831 and 1909 amended copyright law, extending it – including for works already published and still under copyright – from 28 years prior to 1831 to a maximum of 42 and then 56 years. This trend of extending the protection of copyright has been going on ever since, with the latest being the copyright act of 1998, which extended the duration of copyright to 95 years.

So copyright has been getting increasingly extended, and while 200 years ago you would have had monopoly on your work for a maximum of 28 years, today it’s four times that, and encompassing more types of intellectual property. But I would like to argue that over the past 100 years alone, copyright has become over eight times as restrictive. How? Because I don’t think measuring the length of copyright in years is of as much meaning as measuring it in man-years, and the population is growing constantly. continue reading »

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I had the privilege of watching the new Star Trek movie 2 weeks ago, in a press preview. To answer the question many people have asked me about it – it’s a great action movie, and a decent Star Trek movie. Hardcore trekkies will find many things to get upset at in this movie, though there are tons of references and inside jokes meant solely for them, that will be missed by the uneniciated crowd.
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Experts-Exchange has always been a more-closed-than-most professional forum. From the start, you’d have to pay a price in order to ask a question on the site, and then give the sum to whomever helped solve your problem. So by helping others out, and answering their questions, would earn you EE points, which were an indicator of your reputation, or whuffie, which you could then use for asking your own questions. The site was nice enough to offer you 5 free points a day, for every day you logged in. (Asking a question would cost between 50 to 200 points).

I stopped frequenting Experts-Exchange at some point, continue reading »

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Well, I just set up my wordpress based blog (as you can tell by reading it….), and went directly on to setting the blog’s title and subtitle. I got them to show up the way I wanted, but not without some frustration along the way. continue reading »

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Hello, and welcome to Angered Brackets.
Angered Brackets is intended as a blog of technology and science, as well as humor, politics and grievances caused in, by or around those fields. How would the brackets be angered if there were no grievances, after all, huh? >:-]

Feel free to post a comment, or add this blog to your RSS reader. If all goes as I plan, following this blog will actually be worth your while.

-Ethan >:-]

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