First rant. Far sooner than expected

Well, I just set up my wordpress based blog (as you can tell by reading it….), and went directly on to setting the blog’s title and subtitle. I got them to show up the way I wanted, but not without some frustration along the way.
See, it seems like wordpress sanitizes the input it receives, and deleted all the text I put between the angle brackets in the title. I didn’t foresee this happening, but was actually pleased when it did. However, in effect, the title was all but deleted. Fine, fair enough. I learned my lesson. So I changed the title from using explicit < and >, to using their HTML equivalents, good ol’ &lt; and &gt;.
Saving that did the job. The title was now displayed with the angle brackets, the way you now see it.
The problem? The input field, where I just typed up &lt;Angered Brackets /&gt;, now contained the parsed value of <Angered Brackets /> – The value I originally entered, and ended up losing.
So the next time I go about making a change to the blog settings, I will have to remember to replace those two brackets with their HTML counterparts, or risk losing the title.

Total time running this blog: 5 minutes.
Level of bracket anger: >>:-\

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  1. You should report this bug to WP.

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